Year 7

The first year in secondary school can be a daunting experience. Learn about what we do to help your child grow and settle into life at the school.

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Year 8

The curriculum in Year 8 offers a broad and balanced education, consolidating the work from Year 7 and providing, as part of Key Stage 3, the essential foundations for the skills/attitude to learning.

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Year 9

In Year 9 your son/daughter will start or choose the subjects that he/she will study on into Year 10 and Year 11. In Year 9 students develop even more of the skills/attitudes for learning at GCSE level.

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Year 10

Preparation begins for your GCSE courses. Work Experience gets you ready for life beyond school. The Summer Term Mocks session gives you a taste of things to come in Year 11. Many of you will successfully apply to become Prefects in Year 11.

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Year 11

The final year! This is the year you consolidate all the skills and knowledge you have developed over the last 4 years and focus on achieving your very best. Mock exams take place in November and February/March. Intensive study and revision workshops, holiday masterclasses and drop-down days focused on core subjects will ensure you have every opportunity to achieve. Finally... The Leaver's Prom.

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Message for students, parents and careers from Ashfield 6th Form and Post 16 Centre:

 Year 11,

Following on from the initial bridging units we shared with students, we are now sharing a second set for students who will start their Level 3 study this September. We recommend that all students engage with these resources and choose some that relate to subjects they are interested in. They cover a range of formats including wider reading, videos and creative tasks.

These can be found on the Post 16 page of our website. The tab is entitled “second set”. The link can be found here - http://www.ashfield.notts.sch.uk/Bridging-Units


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