Art, Design & Technology


ADT’s aim is to offer the students a curriculum which will engage and enthuse a passion for the subject. Giving them the opportunity to explore practical activities which will enable them to master the skills and secure their knowledge.

We aim to provide the subject specific skills and knowledge as a platform for the students to make their next steps, from KS3 to KS4, then onto a professional career within the Creative sector or further education.

In KS4 during year 10 the department will offer the students the opportunity to start GCSE’s and Btec’s in the following subjects

  • Btec Construction and the Built Environment

  • GCSE Design and Technology (Edexcel)

  • GCSE Art and Design (AQA)

  • GCSE Food and Nutrition (AQA)

  • GCSE Photography (AQA)

Students will be taught in mixed ability groups during two one hour lessons per week.

The aim of Year 10 is to further build on the subject specific skills and knowledge learnt in year 9 required for the completion of none examined assessments and exam content. In some subjects the None Examined Assessments and assignments will start

For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mr P Holmes.


During the school year, the following curriculum activities will take place.

Art & Design

Close Up Project Organic Forms


Design & Technology 

Practical assignments based on past exam questions Practice Non Examined Assessment



Identity Project


Food and Nutrition 

Food Science Food Provenance Practice Non Examined Assessment



Construction Science and Maths The Construction Industry
Construction Technology Construction Design









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