Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


In Year 10, all pupils will take computing as a subject. The core groups receive five hours of tuition per fortnight and can take a Level 2 qualification equivalent to a GCSE.

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During the school year, the following curriculum activities will take place.

Y10 – AQA GCSE Computer Science (9-1)

(Term 1 & 2)
(Term 3 & 4)
(Term 5 & 6)
Unit 3: Fundamentals of Data Representation Unit 6: Fundamentals of Computer Cyber Security Unit 2A: Programming
Unit 4: Computer Systems Unit 7: Impact of Digital Technology Unit 2B: Programming
Unit 5: Fundamentals of Computer Networks Unit 1: Fundamentals of Algorithms

Students will also complete a Non-Exam Assessment task set by the exam board worth 20% of their final grade.

Units 1-4 are assessed in the first exam which asses students’ knowledge on computational thinking and problem solving which is worth 40% of their final grade.

Units 3-7 are assessed in the second exam which is a written exam worth 40% of a student’s final grade.

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