In Year 11, students revise, study and develops skills for AQA GCSE English Language (specification 8700) and AQA GCSE English Literature GCSE (specification 8702). For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mrs Bolton.


During the school year, the following curriculum activities will take place.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

(Half Term 1)

English Literature Paper 1 (the 19thC Novel):

“A Christmas Carol”

(Half Term 1) English Language Paper 1 Fiction

Fiction Writing Skills

Preparation for Mock Exams

(Half Term 1)

English Language and Literature Revision

Intervention: “Macbeth” Intervention: English Language Paper 2 (Non-fiction) Intervention: Revision

(Half Term 2)

English Literature Paper 2 (Modern Texts):

“An Inspector Calls” extended study and revision

(Half Term 2)

Unseen Poetry and Poetry Anthology extended study and revision skills.

(Half Term 2)

GCSE examinations

Intervention: “Love and Relationships” Poetry Anthology extended study and revision Intervention:A Christmas Carol”
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