In year 9 GCSE history, geography and BTEC travel and tourism are offered to students. All students study RS in Year 9.

For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mr Bradley.


During the school year, the following curriculum activities will take place.


Geography History Religious Studies Travel and Tourism
1. Natural disasters – plate tectonics 1. Medicine in Britain c1250-present 1. Human relationships and religious perspectives

1. Developing key travel and tourism skills.   Planning a short break.

2. Natural disasters – earthquakes 2. Medicine in Britain c1250-present 2. Human relationships and religious perspectives 2. Travel and tourism organisations
3. Weather hazards 3. Medicine in Britain c1250-present 3. Medical ethics and religious perspectives 3. Travel and tourism destinations
4. Climate change 4. Medicine in Britain c1250-present 4. Equality and religious perspectives 4. The influences of global travel and tourism.
5. The changing economic world - development 5. Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88. 5. Peace and justice 5. Towards sustainable tourism
6. The changing economic world – including a case study of a newly emerging economy 6. Anglo-Saxons and Norman England, c1060-88. 6. Peace and justice 6. Customer needs in travel and tourism
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