Mathematics Year 9

Year 9 students will begin the OCR J560 GCSE Maths course, their starting point is dependent on the understanding and progress made in Y7 and 8.   The GCSE course is broken down into a series of modules that increase in difficulty; Initial, Bronze, Silver and Gold with the additional module of Platinum for the Foundation tier students. In January of Y11, a final decision will be made as to which tier of entry a student will be entered for, the Foundation tier covers grades 1 to 5 and the Higher tier covers grades 4 to 9.

Y9 Y10 Y11
KS4 curriculum OCR J560 Syllabus
Foundation Initial Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Higher Initial Bronze Silver Gold


A sample of topics covered is identified below.

Foundation Initial Foundation Bronze
1. Rounding Numbers 1. Congruency and enlargement
2. Shapes and solids 2. Sequences
3. Addition and subtraction 3. Angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
4. Algebra 4. Reading from graphs
5. Negative numbers 5. Writing and using formulae
6. Probability 6. Factors, prime numbers and multiples
7. Multiplying and dividing 7. Squares, cubes and index notation
8. Fractions 1 8. Volume of cuboids
9. Measures 9. 3D shapes
10. Number Patterns and Sequences 10. Rounding numbers and estimating
11. Percentages 11. Simple proportion
12. Maps and Plans 12. Maps, bearings and scale drawings
13. Listing 13. Solving equations
14. Angles 14. Estimation of distances and areas
15. Time 15. Pie charts
16. Formulae 16. Fractions 2
17. Order of operations 17. Probability 2
18. Two-way Tables 18. Classifying quadrilaterals
  19. Simplifying algebra
  20. Interpreting statistical data and measures
  21. Positive and negative numbers




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