About Us

Frederick Gent School aspires to be outstanding in all aspects and is committed to quality, care and success in all that it does. The school continually strives to improve and works hard to ensure that every student has a happy, successful and memorable time at the school. We are proud of our achievements and proud of our progress, and are confident that together as a school and wider community we will continue to set, and meet, the highest standards possible as we aim to make the difference that enables us to be outstanding.

Mrs J Broadbent (Headteacher)

Since joining as Headteacher in 2013, Mrs Broadbent has brought many new disciplines to Frederick Gent School, along with numerous "tried and tested" techniques, which has seen continued improvement in the quality of teaching and consistent pupil attendance.


Mr M Bradshaw (Deputy Headteacher)

As one of the linchpins of the school's annual improvement plan, Mr Bradshaw helps to reinforce the commitment of the three core attributes of Frederick Gent School: Quality, Care and Success.


Mrs R Skelton (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Skelton brings a determined, no-nonsense but fair approach to teaching and mentoring within the school environment, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to have their input into proceedings and helping achieve successful results.






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