Equality Objectives

Equality objectives – progress against objectives

Objective 1

Strive for all students to achieve the highest possible standards in their learning and make good progress and to be committed to closing the gaps in progress and attainment.

Outcomes and progress in GCSEs and equivalents for those students with SEND continued to improve in 2019 with students achieving the best results over the past three years. Progress 8 scores for EAL students was also above national average. In mathematics, the progress of SEN Support students was better than the national average and the percentage of disadvantaged students gaining grade 4 or higher in maths was better than like-for-like national figures.

Objective 2

To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences both in and beyond the curriculum.

In 2019, over 1/3 of all disadvantaged students in KS4 participated in English department visits to watch productions of either A Christmas Carol or Macbeth. The Performing Arts department also provided an opportunity to visit the theatre and all disadvantaged and SEND students who were eligible to attend, did so. In sporting activities, approximately 75% of disadvantaged students across all years took part in some form of extra-curricular activity during 2018-2019.

Objective 3

To work to remove barriers which prevent students from attending school so that all groups of students regularly attend school in line with national expectations.

The absence gap between E6 FSM and non FSM children was lower than the national average and overall attendance of children with an EHCP or SEND support was higher than national figures. Figures show that in comparison to national averages, fewer E6 FSM and EHCP students received a fixed term exclusion and no EAL children were excluded.

Equality and Diversity Statement & Policy (TCT)

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