The welfare of children and adults is of paramount importance to Frederick Gent School. Safeguarding is the responsibility of every member of staff in school and covers the recruitment of staff, visitors to school, the school site and the safety of all students and staff.

The school follows local authority guidelines in terms of procedures and interventions when dealing with concerns regarding the safety and welfare of students and staff.

The school will involve or seek advice from partner agencies, e.g. Social Care, Multi-Agency Team as appropriate.

All staff receive annual appropriate safeguarding training including recognising potential signs of abuse or risk.

The school's Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy outlines procedures for dealing with concerns or disclosures.

Students explore how to keep themselves and others safe within the curriculum. Students and staff are expected to report all concerns, although members of staff will not offer confidentiality to any student making a disclosure and information will be shared with appropriate line managers or agencies.

The school promotes an awareness of on-line safety and asks parents to take appropriate steps at home to reinforce this.

Children Missing From Education

Please click on this link to view the Children Missing From Education Statement for Frederick Gent School.

Online safety

Nearly all of our young people have access to the internet on demand via a range of devices including laptops, phones and tablets. As parents we don’t always know what our young people are looking at or why they are talking to via the vast range of apps which are being used.

If you want to find out more about online safety and how to support your young people these websites are excellent sources of advice and information. This includes information on how to check security and privacy settings.








Whilst you can set parent controls on home devices and monitor what your young people are looking at this isn’t always possible on mobile devices. To understand these different devices have a look at the following site: https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/parents-and-carers/parents-guide-technology

Knife Crime

The Police are currently sharing information on knife crime with young people in the community.

This is the presentation that it being shared by our local safer neighbourhood team

Knife crime information document

Supporting young people with mental health

There has been lots of information in the news about the increase of emotional and mental health concerns within young people of school age. As a school we work in partnership with CAMHS and Relate Safespeak to offer counselling support for young people who may need it.

Students are made aware of mental health issues and where to find support through the curriculum and PSHE days. This year the student council have nominated Young Minds as their chosen charity.

If you are concerned about the mental health of any young person at Frederick Gent School please contact us.

If you need immediate advice and support you can also use the following links:






Young Minds



Where to find advice and support on safeguarding issues.

If you are looking for advice and guidance or are concerned about the safety of any young person these links may be of help.

Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board






Young Minds


Elm foundation (Previously Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service)


Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command


This week Frederick Gent School are taking part in anti-bullying week with activities planned in assembly and tutor time.  

The school will also be recruiting new anti-bullying ambassadors.

Links to useful information: 

Anti- bullying Alliance


 Bullying UK


 Derbyshire County Council



March 2017

The Dangers of Online Grooming - Kayleigh's Love Story

Kayleigh's Love Stoy - information for parents

Kayleigh's Love Story poster

What is Child Sexual Exploitation? leaflet



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